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all about...MURDER, SHE WROTE

Episode Guide - Season One

The date below each episode name is the date the episode aired on CBS in the USA.

Pilot Episode
The Murder of Sherlock Holmes
September 30, 1984
Guests: Paddy Edwards, Arthur Hill, Michael Horton, Ned Beatty
Synopsis: Jessica attends a costume party at her publisher's home where a guest dressed as Sherlock Holmes is murdered and Grady is arrested for the crime.

Episode 1.1
Deadly Lady
October 7, 1984
Guests: Marilyn Hassett, Howard Duff, Anne Lockhart, Cassie Yates, Doran Clark
Synopsis: Four daughters claim their multimillionaire father was swept overboard from his yacht during a hurricane.

Episode 1.2
Birds of a Feather
October 14, 1984
Guests: Jeff Conaway, Genie Francis, Gabe Kaplan, Martin Landau, Harry Guardino
Synopsis: Jessica arrives in San Francisco for a family wedding only to face the task of clearing the groom-to-be of murder charges.

Episode 1.3
Hooray for Homicide
October 28, 1984
Guests: James MacArthur, John Saxon, Lyle Waggoner, Melissa Sue Anderson, Virginia Mayo, Samantha Eggar
Synopsis: Jessica is suspected of murdering a movie producer who wanted to turn her novel into a trashy film.

Episode 1.4
It's a Dog's Life
November 4, 1984
Guests: Roger Miller, Dean Jones, Lynn Redgrave, Forrest Tucker
Synopsis: Jessica delves into two investigations when both her cousin and his daughter die mysteriously.

Episode 1.5
Lovers and Other Killers
November 18, 1984
Guests: Greg Morris, Peter Graves, Lois Nettleton, Andrew Stevens
Synopsis: Jessica sets out to prove her secretary isn't a murder suspect.

Episode 1.6
Hit, Run and Homicide
November 25, 1984
Guests: June Allyson, Van Johnson, Stuart Whitman
Synopsis: An eccentric inventor is accused of murdering his former partner.

Episode 1.7
We're Off to Kill the Wizard
December 9, 1984
Guests: John Schuck, James Stephens, James Coco, Kim Darby
Synopsis: Jessica investigates the murder of an amusement park owner.

Episode 1.8
Death Takes a Curtain Call
December 16, 1984
Guests: Dane Clark, William Conrad, Read Morgan
Synopsis: A special night at the ballet turns grisly when Jessica encounters murder.

Episode 1.9
Death Casts a Spell
December 30, 1984
Guests: Diana Canova, Jose Ferrer
Synopsis: A flamboyant hypnotist is murdered in front of several journalists who are in a trance.

Episode 1.10
Capitol Offense
January 6, 1985
Guests: Edie Adams, Linda Kelsey, Stephen Macht, Mitchell Ryan, Gary Sandy, Mark Shera
Synopsis: Blackmail and political intrigue await Jessica when she is assigned to replace a deceased congressman in Washington, D.C.

Episode 1.11
Broadway Melady
January 13, 1985
Guests: Milton Berle, Lorna Luft, Patrick O'Neal
Synopsis: A Broadway legend's life is threatened after her daughter is seriously injured in a mugging.

Episode 1.12
Murder to a Jazz Beat
 3, 1985
Guests: Bradford Dillman, Garret Morris, Ed Nelson
Synopsis: Jessica searches for clues when a famous musician drops dead onstage.

Episode 1.13
My Johnny Lies over the Ocean
February 10, 1985
Guests: Vicki Lawrence, Jo Anne Worley, Leslie Nielsen
Synopsis: Jessica's niece, recovering from her husband's suicide, is terrorized on a cruise.

Episode 1.14
Paint Me a Murder
February 17, 1985
Guests: Capucine, Judy Geeson, Robert Goulet, Cesar Romero
Synopsis: A famous artist's birthday celebration ends tragically when he is murdered at his island villa.

Episode 1.15
Tough Guys Don't Die
February 24, 1985
Guests: Barbara Babcock, Gerald S. O'Loughlin, Fritz Weaver
Synopsis: In doing research for her next book, Jessica hires a PI to investigate a 25 year old unsolved murder case. The PI is murdered and in steps Harry McGraw to take his place and to help Jessica solve the case.

Episode 1.16
Sudden Death
March 3, 1985
Guests: John Beck, Bruce Jenner, Gary Lockwood, Allan Miller
Synopsis: Jessica must whittle down a list of suspects when the unpopular owner of a football team is found dead.

Episode 1.17
Footnote to Murder
March 10, 1985
Guests: Paul Sand, Morgan Brittany, Diana Muldaur, Robert Reed
Synopsis: Jessica sets out to clear the name of a friend who is a prime suspect in a murder case.

Episode 1.18
Murder Takes the Bus
March 17, 1985
Guests: Linda Blair, Michael Constantine, Rue McClanahan
Synopsis: Jessica's bus trip to Portland, Maine, takes a dismal turn when a passenger is murdered.

Episode 1.19
Armed Response
March 31, 1985
Guests: Eddie Bracken, Martha Raye, Stephen Elliott
Synopsis: Jessica, hospitalized with a fractured leg, investigates the murder of a fellow patient.

Episode 1.20
Murder at the Oasis
April 7, 1985
Guests: Ed Ames, Joey Bishop, Piper Laurie, Linda Purl
Synopsis: Jessica investigates the death of her college roommate's husband.

Episode 1.21
Funeral at Fifty-Mile
April 21, 1985
Guests: Noah Beery, J.D. Cannon, Clu Gulager, Stella Stevens
Synopsis: While attending the funeral of her late husband's military buddy, Jessica unravels the mystery behind another mourner's death.

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