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Episode Guide - Season Ten

The date below each episode name is the date the episode aired on CBS in the USA.

Episode 10.1
A Death in Hong Kong
September 12, 1993
Guests: Barrie Ingham, Soon-Teck Oh
Synopsis: Jessica's trip to Hong Kong is interrupted by the murder of an American businessman negotiating a merger with a Chinese tycoon.

Episode 10.2
For Whom the Ball Tolls
September 26, 1993
Guests: Hallie Foote, Robert Pine
Synopsis: When Jessica aggrees to help preserve a historic brownstone, she winds up trying to clear her editor of the murder of an opposing developer.

Episode 10.3
The Legacy of Borbey House
October 3, 1993
Guests: David Birney, Roy Dotrice
Synopsis: A stranger obsessed with restoring a Cabot Cove landmark is killed after he is suspected of being a vampire.

Episode 10.4
The Phantom Killer
October 24, 1993
Guests: David Kriegel, Alan Thicke
Synopsis: Jessica comes to the aid of a promising young reporter when he is suspected of murdering a rival magazine's unscrupulous publisher.

Episode 10.5
A Virtual Murder
October 31, 1993
Guests: Kevin Sorbo
Synopsis: Jessica happens on a computerized clue to a murder while writing a mystery story for a friend's interactive video game compant.

Episode 10.6
November 7, 1993
Guests: Mickey Rooney, Tippi Hedren, Shawnee Smith
Synopsis: Jessica's research on a new novel uncovers an unlikely suspect in the murder of a good friend.

Episode 10.7
A Killing in Cork
November 21, 1993
Guests: Cyril O'Reilly, Andrew Robinson
Synopsis: While visiting Ireland, Jessica searches for clues when a widowed friend's son is suspected of killing an American relative.

Episode 10.8
Love and Hate in Cabot Cove
November 28, 1993
Guests: Richard Beymer, Carrie Snodgrass, Adam Trese
Synopsis: Jessica returns to Cabot Cove to discover why her accountant is not paying her bills.

Episode 10.9
Murder at a Discount
December 5, 1993
Guests: George Segal, Herbert Edelman
Synopsis: One of Jessica's best-selling mysteries makes her the target of a lawsuit by a man who was tried and acquited for murder.

Episode 10.10
Murder in White
December 19, 1993
Guests: Jean Marsh, Anne Meara
Synopsis: When Jessica is called to London to rewrite the stage adaptation of her novel, she must prove her actress friend innocent of killing a producer.

Episode 10.11
Northern Explosion
January 2, 1994
Guests: Graham Greene, Ana Alicia
Synopsis: While stranded in a small Canadian town, Jessica helps the Mounties solve two local murders.

Episode 10.12
Proof in the Pudding
January 9, 1994
Guests: Heidi Swedberg, John Saxon
Synopsis: Jessica discovers clues to a puzzling murder when she is a guest star on a friend's television cooking show.

Episode 10.13
Portrait of Death
January 16, 1994
Guests: Loretta Swit, Edward Hibbert
Synopsis: Jessica comes to the rescue when a friend's sculpture is used as a murder weapon.

Episode 10.14
Deadly Assets
January 23, 1994
Guests: Matt Mulhern, Wayne Rogers
Synopsis: Jessica attempts to clear the name of a Cabot Cove fisherman who is suspected of murdering a Chicago hit man.

Episode 10.15
Murder on the Thirtieth Floor
February 6, 1994
Guests: Robert Desiderio
Synopsis: Jessica refuses to believe that the editor of her latest book has committed suicide and is determined to find out the truth.

Episode 10.16
Time to Die
March 6, 1994
Guests: William Gallo, Robert Beltran
Synopsis: Infrared cameras seem to prove Jessica's writing student is guilty of killing his abusive stepfather.

Episode 10.17
The Dying Game
March 13, 1994
Guests: Martin Milner, Kate Mulgrew, Felicia Lansbury
Synopsis: Financial problems lead to a double murder at a Larkin department store, forcing Jessica to prove the innocence of a friend.

Episode 10.18
The Trouble with Seth
March 27, 1994
Guests: Katherine Cannon, Ben Masters, Ethan Randall, Kim Johnston Ulrich
Synopsis: Jessica searches for Dr. Seth Hazlitt when he suddenly disappears and fresh bloodstains in his office indicate foul play.

Episode 10.19
May 1, 1994
Guests: Patrick Cassidy, Earl Holliman
Synopsis: In Texas, Jessica attempts to help the owner of a small trucking company clear his son of a murder charge.

Episode 10.20
A Murderous Muse
May 15, 1994
Guests: Ronald Guttman, Jenny Lewis
Synopsis: Jessica searches for a motive when a legendary maestro, who is about to lose control of his protege, is found murdered.

Episode 10.21
Wheel of Death
May 22, 1994
Guests: Bradford Dillman, Cindy Pickrt, Charles Siebert
Synopsis: The arrival of a traveling carnival in Cabot Cove coincides with a rash of burglaries and the murder of the troupe's owner.

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