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Episode Guide - Season Eleven

The date below each episode name is the date the episode aired on CBS in the USA.

Episode 11.1
A Nest of Vipers
September 25, 1994
Guests: Susan Blakely, George Sierra
Synopsis: While researching her newest novel at a California zoo, Jessica finds herself in the middle of a murder involving a black mamba snake.

Episode 11.2
Amsterdam Kill
October 2, 1994
Guests: Theodore Bikel
Synopsis: Jessica's investigation of a novelist's kidnapping leads her into the dark world of diamond smuggling and murder.

Episode 11.3
To Kill a Legend
October 9, 1994
Guests: Gail Strickland, Anthony Heald
Synopsis: Jessica accidentally discovers a letter from George Washington that leads to a hero's disgrace and a director's murder.

Episode 11.4
Death in Hawaii
October 16, 1994
Guests: Nina Foch, Ken Howard
Synopsis: Jessica's vacation to Honolulu becomes chaotic when the son of her host, power broker Matt Kinkaid, vanishes during a hotly contested U.S. Senate election.

Episode 11.5
Dear Deadly
October 23, 1994
Guests: Eileen Brennan, Laurence Luckinbill, John Rhys-Davies
Synopsis: When a newspaper columnist becomes the target of a crazed gunman, Jessica's advice to be careful goes unheeded.

Episode 11.6
The Murder Channel
November 6, 1994
Guests: Doris Roberts, Jessica Walter
Synopsis: Jessica discovers her neighbor has been inadvertently hooked up to a surveillance system and witnesses a murder.

Episode 11.7
Fatal Paradise
November 13, 1994
Guests: Wayne Rogers, Cassie Yates
Synopsis: Jessica feels responsible after she helps a couple run off together, and one of them turns up dead.

Episode 11.8
Crimson Harvest
November 20, 1994
Guests: Lainie Kazan, David Newsom
Synopsis: The mysterious deaths of a winery matriarch's son and a rival vintner lead Jessica into a world of greed and betrayal.

Episode 11.9
Murder by Twos
November 27, 1994
Guests: Bibi Besch, Jennifer Warren
Synopsis: Jessica searches for a link between the town bully's death and the death of the woman he was having an affair with.

Episode 11.10
Murder of the Month Club
December 04, 1994
Guests: Jeff Conaway, George DiCenzo, Anthony Zerbe
Synopsis: The taping of an infomercial by Jessica and two fellow novelists is plagued by problems including the mysterious death of an audience member.

Episode 11.11
An Egg to Die For
December 11, 1994
Guests: Allan Miller, David Ogden Stiers, James Stephens
Synopsis: Jessica helps a Russian police officer capture the elusive mastermind behind the theft of a Faberge egg.

Episode 11.12
The Scent of Murder
January 8, 1995
Guests: Dankin Matthews, Sally Kirkland
Synopsis: The pervasive stench of death looms over Jessica and Seth's visit to his cousin's South Carolina plantation.

Episode 11.13
Death 'N Denial
January 22, 1995
Guests: Turhan Bay, Lee Meriwether
Synopsis: Jessica takes a trip to Egypt to finalize a cultural exchange program and ends up searching for a killer and a stolen artifact.

Episode 11.14
Murder in High 'C'
February 5, 1995
Guests: Khrystyne Haje, Carol Lawrence
Synopsis: An opera singer tries to make her debut before a stalker can fulfill his promise to kill her.

Episode 11.15
Twice Dead
February 12, 1995
Guests: Bradford Dillman, Shannon Tweed, Bruce Weitz
Synopsis: Jessica tracks the killer of a Nobel Prize-winning biophysicist who had previously felt the need to fake his own death.

Episode 11.16
Film Flam
February 19, 1995
Guests: John Astin, Richard Dano, Kim Darby, Mike Connors, Gregory Sierra
Synopsis: Homicide haunts the release of a restored movie, and Jessica investigates the current crime and the 1960 murder that prevented the original release.

Episode 11.17
Murder a la Mode
February 26, 1995
Guests: James Sutorious, Francois Guetary, Ellia Thompson
Synopsis: Jessica's excursion into the world of the fashion elite in Paris leads to murder, seamy sweatshops and smugglers.

Episode 11.18
The Dream Team
March 19, 1995
Guests: Frank Converse, Michael Horton
Synopsis: A plan to develop Cabot Cove ends badly when the chief financial investor's wife takes a nose dive into the bay.

Episode 11.19
School for Murder
April 30, 1995
Guests: Nicolas Surovy, Robert Foxworth,
Synopsis: When a professor is murdered after failing in "humanity," Jessica teaches a lesson in the truth.

Episode 11.20
Another Killing in Cork
May 7, 1995
Guests: Rod Taylor, Amanda Wyss, Felicia Lansbury
Synopsis: While on vacation in Ireland, Jessica fishes for a killer after a tourist is found floating in a wishing well.

Episode 11.21
Game, Set, Murder
May 14, 1995
Guests: J.C. Brandy, Leon Russom, Barry Newman
Synopsis: Jessica discovers "love" is not the game of the day when a tennis pro's overbearing father is murdered.

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