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all about...MURDER, SHE WROTE

Episode Guide - Season Twelve

The date below each episode name is the date the episode aired on CBS in the USA.

Episode 12.1
September 21, 1995
Guests: Daphne Ashbrook, Leslie Easterbrook, John O'Hurley
Synopsis: Jessica uses her head to weave through the makeup and hairspray concealing the murderer of a financier at a beauty salon.

Episode 12.2
A Quaking in Aspen
September 28, 1995
Guests: Wayne Rogers, Leigh Taylor-Young
Synopsis: Jessica is fired up to find the true murderer of her friend's husband, but private detective Charlie Garrett is unwittingly putting out the flames.

Episode 12.3
The Secret of Gila Junction
October 5, 1995
Guests: Dorothy Lyman, Bo Svenson, Jay Underwood
Synopsis: While visiting a friend in Arizona, a green sheriff asks Jessica for her help investigating a murder that followed the discovery of a stash of cash.

Episode 12.4
Big Easy Murder
October 12, 1995
Guests: Elizabeth Ashley, Mitchell Ryan
Synopsis: A research trip to New Orleans plunges Jessica into the world of the occult, when a businessman dies, and a voodoo doll is evidence.

Episode 12.5
Home Care
October 19, 1995
Guests: Ed Nelson, Megan Follows
Synopsis: Jessica immerses herself in the medical profession when a young nurse is accused of murdering two patients to whom she was providing home care.

Episode 12.6
Nan's Ghost: Part One
November 2, 1995
Guests: Fionnula Flanagan, Rod Taylor, Ross Kettle, James Warwick, Peter Jason
Synopsis: Jessica is in Ireland visiting an old friend and staying at a bed and breakfast at Ballynook Castle. A haunted spirit and antique smugglers are just a few challenges Jessica faces on her Irish vacation.

Episode 12.7
Nan's Ghost: Part Two
November 9, 1995
Guests: See Above...
Synopsis: See Above...

Episode 12.8
Shooting in Rome
November 16, 1995
Guests: Mike Connors, Bruce Abbott, Shawn Weatherly
Synopsis: Jessica travels to Rome to help rewrite the script for the filming of one of her books, but the filming takes a tragic turn when a stuntman dies.

Episode 12.9
Deadly Bidding
November 23, 1995
Guests: Wayne Rogers, Aharon Ipale, Craig Richard Nelson
Synopsis: Charlie Garrett's outrageous bid at an auction arouses Jessica's suspicions, after the artist becomes the subject of a homicide photographer.

Episode 12.10
Frozen Stiff
November 30, 1995
Guests: Dirk Benedict, Christina Pickles, Bill Smitrovich
Synopsis: When Jessica arrives at an ice cream company to get a check for charity, the funds have melted and the company's co-founder is iced.

Episode 12.11
Unwilling Witness
December 14, 1995
Guests: Joel Brooks, Larry Linville, Lisa Eichhorn
Synopsis: After being subpoenaed to testify at the jury probe of a brokerage house, Jessica is charged with contempt for speaking to a witness who is killed.

Episode 12.12
Kendo Kill
January 4, 1996
Guests: Pat Morita, David Stratton, Tom Wopat
Synopsis: Jessica's delivery to a motorcycle racer in Japan speeds up a series of events that result in the death of another racer.

Episode 12.13
Death Goes Double Platinum
January 7, 1996
Guests: Tony Plana, Marco Sanchez, Ray Young, Jason Bernard
Synopsis: Jessica must investigate after the Latin beat of a new band drowns out the last dying gasp of a petty thug.

Episode 12.14
Murder in Tempo
January 11, 1996
Guests: Josh Taylor, Sam Anderson
Synopsis: Seth Hazlitt's benefit concert to save the woods near Cabot Cove is endangered when the lead singer is permanently silenced.

Episode 12.15
The Dark Side of the Door
February 1, 1996
Guests: Meg Foster, Marsha Strassman
Synopsis: When the police are reluctant to become involved, Jessica links a recent murder, a possible suicide and an 11-year-old kidnapping.

Episode 12.16
Murder Among Friends
February 8, 1996
Guests: Nicolas Surovy, Frederick Coffin
Synopsis: When the producer of a hit twenty-something series is murdered, Jessica does some directing of her own.

Episode 12.17
Something Foul in Flappieville
February 15, 1996
Guests: Robert Knepper, Corinne Bohrer, Dey Young
Synopsis: After Jessica's short story for children becomes a television puppet show, she must find the fiend who used one of the puppets as a murder weapon.

Episode 12.18
Track of a Soldier
February 25, 1996
Guests: Wings Hauser, Linda Kelsey, Fredric Lane
Synopsis: A vacation in the Grand Tetons turns into work when the man threatening Jessica's host with blackmail is murdered.

Episode 12.19
Evidence of Malice
March 28, 1996
Guests: Louis Herthum
Synopsis: Jessica has to solve two murders to clear the name of her old friend Deputy Andy, who becomes a suspect when a murder weapon is found in his car.

Episode 12.20
Southern Double-Cross
April 4, 1996
Guests: Alaistar Duncan, Lisa Darr
Synopsis: Jessica travels to Australia to prove that she is the rightful heir to 130,000 acres of grazing land, but her arrival results in two murders.

Episode 12.21
Race to Death
April 28, 1996
Guests: John Getz, Andrea Parker
Synopsis: Jessica investigates when a wealthy yachtsman is murdered two days before a big race, and the daughter of his rival is charged with the crime.

Episode 12.22
What You Don't Know Can Kill You
May 5, 1996
Guests: William Keane
Synopsis: When a young man dies in a motorcycle crash, and a local attorney is murdered, Jessica looks for links between the two seemingly unrelated deaths.

Episode 12.23
Mrs. Parker's Revenge
May 12, 1993
Guests: Gregg Henry
Synopsis: Jessica gets caught up in a web of international intrigue and rogue government agents when a deadly virus is stolen from the Biological Research Institute.

Episode 12.24
Death by Demographics
May 19, 1996
Guests: Diana Canova, Paul linke, Robert Pine, David Ogden Stiers
Synopsis: A hot-shot San Francisco radio promoter is murdered after changing the format from classical music to hard rock.

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