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all about...MURDER, SHE WROTE

Episode Guide - Season Two

The date below each episode name is the date the episode aired on CBS in the USA.

Episode 2.1
Widow Weep For Me
September 29, 1985
Guests: Cyd Charisse, Mel Ferrer, Howard Hesseman, Anne Lockhart, Mary Wickes, John Phillip Law
Synopsis: Jessica masquerades as a wealthy widow at a luxurious tropical hotel in an effort to trap the murderer of her good friend.

Episode 2.2
Joshua Peabody Died Here... Possibly
October 6, 1985
Guests: Meg Foster, Michael Sarrazin, Ken Swofford
Synopsis: A cheap tycoon with many enemies is found dead on the construction site of his high-rise hotel.

Episode 2.3
Murder in the Afternoon
October 13, 1985
Guests: Paul Burke, Lloyd Nolan, MacKenzie Phillips, Jessica Walter
Synopsis: Jessica's niece, an actress in a daytime drama, becomes a suspect when the head writer for the show is murdered.

Episode 2.4
School for Scandal
October 20, 1985
Guests: Polly Bergen, June Lockhart, Roddy MCDowell, John Vernon
Synopsis: Jessica's latest murder investigation ends with two innocent people confessing to the crime.

Episode 2.5
Sing a Song of Murder
October 27, 1985
Guests: Olivia Hussey, Glynis Johns, Patrick MacNee
Synopsis: Jessica's cousin, a famous actress in England, calls for help when she is a target for murder.

Episode 2.6
Reflections of the Mind
November 3, 1985
Guests: Martin Milner, Ann Blyth, Wings Hauser, Esther Rolle
Synopsis: Jessica tries to discover who is terrorizing her wealthy friend.

Episode 2.7
A Lady in the Lake
November 10, 1985
Guests: John Astin, Charles Frank, Laurence Luckinbill, Lee Meriwether, Lee Purcell, Lauren Tewes
Synopsis: Jessica investigates the drowning of a championship swimmer.

Episode 2.8
Dead Heat
November 24, 1985
Guests: Roy Thinnes, Jack Carter, Norman Fell, Clu Gulager
Synopsis: Jessica is determined to prove that her niece, an aspiring jockey, isn't responsible for the murder of a horse owner.

Episode 2.9
Jessica Behind Bars
December 1, 1985
Guests: Adrienne Barbeau, Yvonne DeCarlo, Linda Kelsey, Vera Miles, Susan Oliver
Synopsis: Jessica races against time to find the culprit responsible for the death of a prison doctor.

Episode 2.10
Sticks and Stones
December 15, 1985
Guests: John Astin, Joseph Campanella, Evelyn Keyes, Denny Miller, Betsy Palmer, Parker Stevenson
Synopsis: Jessica attempts to uncover the evidence that links a land sale to a murder.

Episode 2.11
Murder Digs Deep
December 29, 1985
Guests: David Groh, Connie Stevens, Robert Vaughn
Synopsis: A New Mexico archaeological dig leads Jessica on the trail of a murder.

Episode 2.12
Murder by Appointment Only
January 5, 1986
Guests: Herbert Edelman, Robert Culp, Jayne Meadows
Synopsis: Jessica's former student gets entangled in a love triangle that ends in murder.

Episode 2.13
Trial by Error
January 12, 1986
Guests: David Ackroyd, MacDonald Carey, Tom Ewell, Alan Hale, Vicki Lawrence
Synopsis: Jessica's stint as a juror leads to her investigation of a double murder.

Episode 2.14
Keep the Home Fries Burning
January 19, 1986
Guests: Orson Bean, Sharon Acker, Anne Francis, John McCook, Alan Young
Synopsis: Tainted strawberry preserves seem to be the cause of a woman's death at a popular inn.

Episode 2.15
Powder Keg
February 9, 1986
Guests: Craig Stevens, Stuart Whitman, Larry Wilcox
Synopsis: An aspiring singer is unjustly accused of murdering his girlfriend's brother.

Episode 2.16
Murder in the Electric Cathedral
February 16, 1986
Guests: Dick Van Patten, Barbi Benton, Steve forrest, Judy Geeson
Synopsis: Murder plays a part in the death of a wealthy woman who leaves her fortune to an evangelist instead of her family.

Episode 2.17
One Good Bid Deserves a Murder
February 23, 1986
Guests: Jerry Orbach, Karen Black, Edward Mulhare, Vic Tayback
Synopsis: A famous actor's murder revolves around a woman's tragic past.

Episode 2.18
If a Body Meet a Body
March 9, 1986
Guests: Robert Donner, Anne Jeffreys, Audrey Landers, Monte Markham
Synopsis: Jessica takes on a baffling case when two dead bodies vanish and then reappear.

Episode 2.19
Christopher Bundy - Died on Sunday
March 30, 1986
Guests: Bert Convy, Carol Lawrence, Robert Stack
Synopsis: The ruthless owner of a periodical is murdered.

Episode 2.20
Menace, Anyone?
April 6, 1986
Guests: Linda Hamilton, Van Johnson
Synopsis: In Boston, Jessica is honorary chairperson at a charity tennis tournament. When two murders take place, Jessica has to sift through a maze of clues to find the truth and clear an innocent woman.

Episode 2.21
The Perfect Foil
April 13, 1986
Guests: Cesare Donova, Barbara Babcock, David Hedison, Penny Singleton
Synopsis: The Mardi Gras in New Orleans turns criminal when Jessica's distant cousin is charged with murder during the celebration.

Episode 2.22
If the Frame Fits
May 18, 1986
Guests: Deborah Adair, Audrey Meadows
Synopsis: Jessica works on solving two crimes: a string of art thefts and a murder.

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