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all about...MURDER, SHE WROTE

Episode Guide - Season Three

The date below each episode name is the date the episode aired on CBS in the USA.

Episode 3.1
Death Stalks the Big Top: Part One
September 28, 1986
Guests: Jackie Cooper, Courteney Cox, Martin Balsam
Synopsis: Jessica goes to extreme lengths to clear her brother-inlaw, a clown at an accident-plagued circus, when he is suspected of murder.

Episode 3.2
Death Stalks the Big Top: Part Two
October 5, 1986
Guests: See Above...
Synopsis: See Above...

Episode 3.3
Unfinished Business
October 12, 1986
Guests: Lloyd Bochner, Don DeFore, Pat Hingle, Hayley Mills, Erin Moran
Synopsis: Ulterior motives prompt a retired lieutenant to open up an unsolved murder case.

Episode 3.4
One White Rose for Death
October 19, 1986
Guests: Len Cariou, Jenny Agutter, Eric Braeden, Bernard Fox
Synopsis: A mysterious man involves Jessica in the defection of two European musicians and the murder of a British intelligence agent.

Episode 3.5
Corned Beef and Carnage
November 2, 1986
Guests: Genie Francis, Bill Macy, David Ogden Stiers, Ken Swofford
Synopsis: Jessica's niece is the top suspect when her boss is murdered.

Episode 3.6
Dead Man's Gold
November 9, 1986
Guests: Grant Goodeve, Julia Montgomery, Leslie Nielsen
Synopsis: Murder interrupts a determined man's quest to find buried treasure.

Episode 3.7
Deadline for Murder
November 16, 1986
Guests: Tim O'Connor, Harry Guardino, Peter Mark Richman
Synopsis: Jessica joins an old friend to investigate a corrupt publisher's unexpected death.

Crossover Episode with Magnum, P.I.
Novel Connection: Part One
November 21, 1986
Guests: Tom Selleck, John Hillerman, Jessica Walter, Dorothy Loudon
Synopsis: When mystery novelist Jessica Fletcher is brought in to investigate an assassin, Magnum is not pleased.

Episode 3.8
Magnum on Ice: Part Two
November 23, 1986
Guests: See Above...
Synopsis: While in Hawaii at the request of a friend in trouble, Jessica attempts to uncover evidence that will clear Thomas Magnum of two murder charges.

Episode 3.9
Obituary for a Dead Anchor
December 7, 1986
Guests: Abby Dalton, Chad Everett, Robert Pine, Mark Stevens
synopsis: Murder overshadows the taping of a TV interview featuring Jessica and Cabot Cove.

Episode 3.10
Stage Struck
December 14, 1986
Guests: Donald Most, Edward Mulhare, Eleanor Parker, Ann Turkel, Bob Hastings
Synopsis: Jessica investigates the death of an understudy who dies onstage during opening night.

Episode 3.11
Night of the Headless Horseman
January 4, 1987
Guests: Thom Bray, Adam Ferris, Judy Landers, Charles Siebert, Guy Stockwell, Fritz Weaver, Barry Williams
Synopsis: The new poetry teacher in town, in order to impress a girl, tells her that Jessica Fletcher is his mother. When a local rival of his is found murdered, minus his head, the teacher is blamed as his sword is found with blood on it. Jessica must prove the innocense of her young friend.

Episode 3.12
The Corpse Flew First Class
January 18, 1987
Guests: Kate Mulgrew, Robert Walker, Gerald York
Synopsis: A London-bound plane is the setting for the murder of an heiress's bodyguard and the theft of a valuable necklace.

Episode 3.13
Crossed Up
February 1, 1987
Guests: Tony Dow, Giselle MacKenzie, Sandy McPeak
Synopsis: Jessica overhears a telephone conversation between two men who are plotting a murder.

Episode 3.14
Murder in a Minor Key
February 8, 1987
Guests: Shaun Cassidy, Paul Clemens, Herbert Edelman, Dinah Manoff
Synopsis: Jessica narrates her latest novel: the story of three bright graduate students who find themselves involved in plagiarism and murder.

Episode 3.15
The Bottom Line is Murder
February 15, 1987
Guests: Adrienne Barbeau, Judith Chapman, George Takei
Synopsis: Jessica's trip to Denver to appear on a television book-review program coincides with the murder of a controversial consumer activist.

Episode 3.16
Death Takes a Dive
February 22, 1987
Guests: John Amos, Ernest Borgnine, Bradford Dillman, Le Var Burton, Adam West
synopsis: Harry McGraw asks for Jessica's help in Boston. Harry inherets controlling interest in a boxer and needs money to get out from under a loan shark. When a crooked fight promoter is murdered, Harry is the number one suspect and it's up to Jessica to prove him innocent.

Episode 3.17
Simon Says, Color Me Dead
March 1, 1987
Guests: Diane Baker, Foster Brooks, Tess Harper, Dick Sargent
Synopsis: Jessica investigates the murder of one of Cabot Cove's most illustrious citizens, a world-famous artist.

Episode 3.18
No Laughing Murder
March 15, 1987
Guests: George Clooney, Buddy Hackett, Arte Jphnson, Steve Lawrence
Synopsis: The father of the bride is stabbed in the back at an engagement party for the offspring of two feuding comics.

Episode 3.19
No Accounting for Murder
March 22, 1987
Guests: Dorothy lamour, Geoffrey Lewis, *Ron Masak, James Noble
Synopsis: Jessica investigates when her nephew Grady, a junior executive for a large accounting firm, is charged with tax fraud and the murder of his boss.

Episode 3.20
The Cemetery Vote
April 5, 1987
Guests: Joe Campanella, Charlene Tilton, Marie Windson
Synopsis: Political graft and gambling play important roles in two murders.

Episode 3.21
The Days Dwindle Down
April 19, 1987
Guests: Richard Beymer, June Havoc, Martha Scott, Susan Strasberg, Gloria Stewart
Synopsis: Jessica attempts to prove a man is innocent of a murder that occured 30 years ago.

Episode 3.22
Murder, She Spoke
May 10, 1987
Guests: Michael Callan, Michael Cole, Jonna Lee, Charlie Daniels, Patrick Wayne
Synopsis: A murder occurs while Jessica is recording one of her novels for the Mystery Books for the Blind series.

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