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Episode Guide - Season Four

The date below each episode name is the date the episode aired on CBS in the USA.

Episode 4.1
A Fashionable Way to Die
September 20, 1987
Guests: Juliet Prowse, Barbara Rush, Jean Paul Vignon
Synopsis: Murder is around the corner when Jessica travels to Paris to attend the premiere of an old friend's fashion collection.

Episode 4.2
When Thieves Fall Out
September 27, 1987
Guests: Kenneth McMillan, Dack Rambo, John Glover
Synopsis: A retiring high-school coach and a mysterious stranger provide Jessica with new leads in a 20-year-old case.

Episode 4.3
Witness for the Defense
October 4, 1987
Guests: Charlie Brill, Patrick McGoohan, Juliet Mills, Claire Trevor, Christopher Allport
Synopsis: Jessica travels to Canada to testify at the trial of a colleague accused of murdering his wife.

Episode 4.4
Old Habits Die Hard
October 11, 1987
Guests: Eileen Brennan, Jane Powell, Audrey Totter
Synopsis: The investigation of an elderly nun's apparent suicide reveals long-hidden secrets during Jessica's reunion with an old friend, now a Mother Superior.

Episode 4.5
The Way to Dusty Death
October 25, 1987
Guests: Nancy Dussault, Jenilee Harrison, Richard Jaeckel, Cornel Wilde
Synopsis: Murder is on the agenda when top executives and their wives meet at a powerful tycoon's estate.

Episode 4.6
It Runs in the Family
November 1, 1987
Guests: Richard Johnson, Anthony Newley, Lindsay Chapman
Synopsis: Angela Lansbury reprises her role as Jessica's British cousin Emma MacGill, who is charged with an old flame's murder.

Episode 4.7
If it's Thursday, It Must be Beverly
November 8, 1987
Guests: Rick Lenz, Kathryn Grayson, Gloria DeHaven, Ruth Gordon
Synopsis: Jessica helps Sheriff Tupper when his seemingly harmless deputy is accused of murder.

Episode 4.8
Steal Me a Story
November 15, 1987
Guests: Bradford Dillman, Doug McClure,Ken Swofford, Gail Strickland
Synopsis: In Los Angeles to promote her new novel, Jessica learns her latest mystery has been appropriated by an unscrupulos Hollywood producer.

Episode 4.9
Trouble in Eden
November 22, 1987
Guests: MacDonald Carey, Joan Cauldfield, Betty Garrett, Tricia O'Neil, Stuart Whitman
Synopsis: Jessica's friend is hit by a car shortly after being notified of her sister's death.

Episode 4.10
Indian Giver
November 29, 1987
Guests: Bernie White, Theodore Bikel, Gary Lockwood, Charles Siebert
Synopsis: The descendant of an American Indian tribe that once lived in the Cabot Cove area brandishes a land grant that seems to prove his claim to the territory.

Episode 4.11
Doom With a View
December 13, 1987
Guests: Janet Leigh, Charlotte Rae, Sheila Shaw
Synopsis: Jessica's nephew, Grady, is a suspect when their stay at a luxury hotel is interrupted by murder.

Episode 4.12
Who Threw the Barbitals in Mrs. Fletcher's Chowder?
January 3, 1988
Guests: Henry Gibson, Anne Meara, Guy Stockwell
Synopsis: Shortly after Sheriff Tupper's sister leaves her husband and seeks refuge in Cabot Cove, a murder occurs.

Episode 4.13
Harbinger of Death
January 24, 1988
Guests: Steven Ford, Karen Grassle, Dean Jones
Synopsis: An unhappy wife, a government official, a lovesick assistant and a self-centered astronomer are suspects in the murder of a young executive.

Episode 4.14
Curse of the Daanu
February 7, 1988
Guests: Jane Badler, Richard Bradford, Jane Windsor
Synopsis: A man (Seth's brother) presents his new wife with a priceless cursed ruby, but he is later found strangled, with the gem missing.

Episode 4.15
Mourning Among the Wisterias
February 14, 1988
Guests: Frank Gorshin, Barry Nelson, Lois Nettleton, Rene Auberjonois, Linda Purl
Synopsis: When Jessica visits a celebrated playwright friend, she encounters murder and an unexpected marriage proposal.

Episode 4.16
Murder Through the Looking Glass
February 21, 1988
Guests: Cliff DeYoung, Karen Valentine
Synopsis: Jessica hears the confession of a dying hit man who has just completed an assignment, only to find the victim isn't dead.

Episode 4.17
A Very Good Year for Murder
February 28, 1988
Guests: John Saxon, Eli Wallach, Billy Zane, Kristian Alfonso
Synopsis: A vintner's heirs become suspects when a body is found in a wine cellar.

Episode 4.18
Benedict Arnold Slipped Here
March 13, 1988
Guests: Brian Bedford, Dick O'Neill
Synopsis: Arguments over a piece of historic Cabot Cove property lead to murder.

Episode 4.19
Just Another Fish Story
March 27, 1988
Guests: Sonny Bono, Jack Carter, Brenda Vaccaro
Synopsis: Jessica invests in a trendy New York restaurant where murder is apparently on the menu.

Episode 4.20
Showdown in Saskatchewan
April 10, 1988
Guests: Paul LeMat, Kristy McNichol, Larry Wilcox, Cassie Yates
Synopsis: Jessica travels to Canada to visit her niece and winds up investigating a murder on the rodeo circuit.

Episode 4.21
May 1, 1988
Guests: Lloyd Bochner, Rich Little, Dean Stockwell
Synopsis: Jessica investigates the murder of a drama critic who reviewed a play based on one of her novels.

Episode 4.22
The Body Politic
May 8, 1988
Guests: Eddie Albert, Robert Fuller, Shirley Jones
Synopsis: Jessica is caught in a game of deadly politics when a close friend's campaign is threatened by scandal.

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