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Episode Guide - Season Five

The date below each episode name is the date the episode aired on CBS in the USA.

Episode 5.1
J.B. as in Jailbird
October 23, 1988
Guests: Maxwell Caulfield, John Rhys-Davies, Joseph Ruski
Synopsis: When Jessica is arrested for murder, secret agent Michael Haggerty and her nephew Grady conspire to keep her safely in jail while they seek the real killer.

Episode 5.2
A Little Night Work
October 30, 1988
Guests: Jamie Farr, Leann Hunley, Conrad Janis, Julie Parrish
Synopsis: While at a swank fund-raiser in New York, a mysterious stranger turns up on Jessica's balcony. The next day she finds out a murder took place in the room directly above hers. With suspects galore, Jessica sets out to prove her mysterious stranger innocent of the crime. Keith Mitchell appears as Dennis Stanton.

Episode 5.3
Mr. Penroy's Vacation
November 6, 1988
Guests: Henry Jones, Robert Moberly, Al Pugliese, Teresa Wright
Synopsis: Mort Metzger takes Amos Tupper's place as Sheriff of Cabot Cove. His first mystery is investigating a corpse (Mr. Penroy) found in the garden of two old spinsters boarding house. With Jessica's help the crooks don't stand a chance.

Episode 5.4
Snow White, Blood Red
November 13, 1988
Guests: Ronnie Claire Edwards, Emma Samms, Bo Svenson, Barry Newman
Synopsis: A jealous husband, an angry wife, a frustrated agent and a lodge full of competitors are suspects in a champion skier's death.

Episode 5.5
Coal Miner's Slaughter
November 20, 1988
Guests: Barbara Bain, Chuck Connors, Cliff De Young, Denver Pyle
Synopsis: Jessica goes to West Virginia to bail out a former student who has been arrested for murder as the murder weapon was found in her car. The unfriendly town hinders Jessica's investigation for clues.

Episode 5.6
Wearing of the Green
November 27, 1988
Guests: Barbara Bosson, Michael Constantine, Erin Gray, David Naughton, Jean Peters
Synopsis: While doing research for her next book, Jessica visits a New York jewellery store. While there, an explosion occurs and the fabled Queen of Tara diamond tiara turns up missing. The trail of the theft leads in many directions.

Episode 5.7
The Last Flight of the Dixie Damsel
December 18, 1988
Guests: Martin Milner, Dale Robertson, Michael Ansara, Jane Greer, Richard Roundtree, Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.
Synopsis: An old war plane surfaces with a dead body found aboard. Jessica's deceased husband was part of the military crew aboard the plane. Now the authorities are trying to find the killer and evidence points to Frank Fletcher. Jessica, along with many of Franks military friends, is searching for clues to prove Frank was innocent of the crime.

Episode 5.8
Prediction: Murder
January 1, 1989
Guests: Dale Robertson, David Birney, Michael Parks, Lisa Pelikan, Michael Spound
Synopsis: Jessica visits long-time friend Lee, at his ranch in Arizona, At a barbecue, a psychic entertains the group and his predictions start to come true. A kidnapping and a murder have Jessica helping her old friend eliminate suspects.

Episode 5.9
Something Borrowed, Something Blue
January 8, 1989
Guests: Bill Macy, Howard Morris, Betsy Palmer, Gale Storm
Synopsis: At Grady and Donna's wedding the maid turns up dead with a meat thermometer in her back. Jessica must clear up the mystery so that the wedding can take place.

Episode 5.10
Weave a Tangled Web
January 15, 1989
Guests: Pamela Bellwood, George Chikiris, Mel Ferrer, Gloria Loring
Synopsis: Jessica discovers that one of Cabot Coves prominent female residents is a bigamist. When she is seen at the scene of a murder, an arrest is made and the truth must come out about her two husbands. An investigation is then launched to find the real killer.

Episode 5.11
The Search for Peter Kerry
February 5, 1989
Guests: Mason Adams, Michael Beck, William Prince, Marc Singer
Synopsis: Jessica attends a funeral in New York of a long-time friend, who had spent the past few years searching for her missing son. While in town, Jessica has dinner with the son's old roommate. At dinner the roommate hears a song he knows was written by the missing son. This launches a search to find the answers to several mysteries.

Episode 5.12
Smooth Operators
February 12, 1989
Guests: Dirk Benedict, Nicolas Coster, Shirley Knight, Greg Lewis
Synopsis: Jessica discovers corrupt physicians while investigating the death of a wino. To help with the case is Lieutenant Timothy Hanratty, one of Manhattans best.

Episode 5.13
Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble
February 19, 1989
Guests: Roddy McDowell, Christopher Stone, Dee Wallace Stone
Synopsis: A sighting of the ghost of a Pilgrim woman accused of witchcraft forshadows a Cabot Cove murder.

Episode 5.14
From Russia with Blood
February 26, 1989
Guests: Peter Donat, David McCallum, Anthony Geary, Judy Parfitt
Synopsis: Jessica is accused of espionage while attending a writers conference in Moscow.

Episode 5.15
Alma Murder
March 12, 1989
Guests: E.G. Marshall, Janice Rule, Dinah Shore, Ralph Waite
Synopsis: Jessica learns that an old college professor has admitted to murder and has been jailed. She travels to New Hampshire to get the facts to clear his name.

Episode 5.16
Truck Stop
April 2, 1989
Guests: Elizabeth Ashley, Mike Connors, Peter Haskell, Andrew Prine
Synopsis: Jessica and her screenwriter are stranded near a dilapidated desert motel and diner when their car breaks down. Having to stay the night, they witness much tension and an ultimate death takes place. Complicated plot twists done in film noir makes Jessica a perfect gumshoe for the case.

Episode 5.17
The Sins of Castle Cove
April 9, 1989
Guests: Page Hannah, Luke Askew, Graham Jarvis
Synopsis: The town is buzzing over a new book about Cabot Cove. Supposedly fiction, about a town called Castle Cove, it has more than one person worried that the wrong prople will read the book. When a murder takes place, everyone looks to the book for answers to who the killer might be. Jessice has to sort out fact from fiction to solve the crime.

Episode 5.18
Trevor Hudson's Legacy
April 16, 1989
Guests: Don Galloway, Robert Klein, Michael Learned, Yvette Nipar
Synopsis: Jessica recommends a young writer to help edit a dying mans notes for his final book. When Jessica visits, she finds the young writer in a distressed state. The notes are mere ramblings. When the young writer is found dead in the library, Jessica sets out to find his killer.

Episode 5.19
Double Exposure
April 30, 1989
Guests: Christine Belford, Andrew Stevens, Jon Cypher
Synopsis: While in Boston, Jessica runs into an old friend who denies knowing her. This leaves Jessica very puzzled. She calls his wife in Chicago and she states that her huband died a few weeks earlier. Jessica gets her old friend Harry McGraw to help her sort out the mystery.

Episode 5.20
Three Strikes, You're Out
May 7, 1989
Guests: Bernie Casey, Vince Edwards, Shea Farrell, Anne Lockhart, Robert Mandan, Paul Sorvino
Synopsis: Jessica visits her baseball player nephew, Johnny, in Arizona. When a TV pre-game hostess is murdered, Johnny's friend is the prime suspect. Jessica, feeling him innocent, sets out to prove that someone else did the crime.

Episode 5.21
Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall: Part One
May 14, 1989
Guests: Richard Anderson, Shelly Fabares, David Hedison, Ken Howard, Jean Simmons
Synopsis: A fading mystery writer, who is jealous of Jessica's continued success, becomes a prime murder suspect.

Episode 5.22
Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall: Part Two
May 21, 1989
Guests: See Above...
Synopsis: See Above...

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