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Episode Guide - Season Seven

The date below each episode name is the date the episode aired on CBS in the USA.

Episode 7.1
Trials and Tribulations
September 16, 1990
Guests: Michael Beck, Kim Hunter, George Maharis
Synopsis: Jessica is accused of bribery and false testimony by the daughter of a convicted murderer who is killed in an attempted jailbreak.

Episode 7.2
Deadly Misunderstanding
September 23, 1990
Guests: Janet margolin, David McCallum, Cliff Potts, Bette Rae
Synopsis: When Jessica suffers a broken arm, she hires a typist to meet her deadline, but first she must clear the woman of a murder charge.

Episode 7.3
See You in Court, Baby
September 30, 1990
Guests: Judith Chapman, Ed McCready, Vera Miles, Robert Reed
Synopsis: A contested divorce settlement involves insurance investigator Dennis Stanton in a complex inquiry into a wealthy attorney's murder.

Episode 7.4
Hannigan's Wake
October 28, 1990
Guests: Anthony Geary, Van Johnson, Mala Powers, Isaac Turner, Stephen Young, Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.
Synopsis: Jessica searches for the truth surrounding a 16-year-old murder case at the request of a dying Pulitzer Prize-winning author.

Episode 7.5
The Family Jewels
November 4, 1990
Guests: Mike Farrell, Brenda Vaccaro, Forrest Witt
Synopsis: A murder during a political fund-raiser for Jessica's old friend reveals a wealthy woman's colorful past.

Episode 7.6
A Body to Die For
November 11, 1990
Guests: Ruta Lee, Patricia McPherson, Sally Struthers
Synopsis: A physical-fitness instructor who has captivated Cabot Cove's female population is linked to the murder of a con artist.

Episode 7.7
The Return of Preston Giles
November 18, 1990
Guests: Arthur Hill, Arlene Golonka, Regina Leeds, Michael McKean, Brynn Thayer
Synopsis: Jessica's first publisher, imprisoned for murder, is paroled and requires her help when he is suspected of a similar crime.

Episode 7.8
The Great Twain Robbery
November 25, 1990
Guests: Diane baker, David Birney, Nehemiah Persoff, Susan Ware
Synopsis: Insurance investigator Dennis Stanton becomes suspicious when a shady former associate produces a manuscript attributed to Mark Twain.

Episode 7.9
Ballad for a Blue Lady
December 2, 1990
Guests: Jimmy Dean, Mickey Gilley, Tom Hallick, Florence Henderson, Sheb Wooley
Synopsis: While in Nashville, Tenn., visiting a country singer, Jessica discovers a web of infidelity and greed that leads to murder.

Episode 7.10
Murder in F Sharp
December 16, 1990
Guests: Ricardo Montalban, Patricia Neal
Synopsis: Insurance investigator Dennis Stanton confronts murder and arson while on a case involving a famous pianist.

Episode 7.11
Family Doctor
January 6, 1991
Guests: Tige Andrews, Diane Franklin, Randall Jeffries, Linda Larkin, Monte Markham, Amy Yasbeck
Synopsis: Jessica investigates a mob hit when Seth is asked to help a crime boss shot at a Boston restaurant.

Episode 7.12
Suspicion of Murder
January 20, 1991
Guests: Susan Blakely, Sam Bottoms, Dennis Cole, Robert Donovan, Judy Kerr
Synopsis: Reformed jewel thief Dennis Stanton becomes a murder suspect when the estranged husband of an old flame is found dead.

Episode 7.13
Moving Violation
February 3, 1991
Guests: Susan Clark, Jack Colvin, BrittLeach, Stephen Macht, Suzanne Snyder
Synopsis: Jessica attempts to clear Sheriff Metzger when he arrests the son of an ambassador and is later accused of his murder.

Episode 7.14
Who Killed J.B. Fletcher
February 10, 1991
Guests: Betty Garrett, Terry Moore, Margaret O'Brian, Lyman Ward, Marie Windsor, Jane Withers
Synopsis: A member of Jessica's fan club mysteriously dies while impersonating her to investigate cheating at a dog show.

Episode 7.15
The Taxman Cometh
February 17, 1991
Guests: Phyllis Newman, Kent McCord, Roy Thinnes, Max Wright
Synopsis: Jessica is in Missouri this time visiting her old class mate, Edna. Edna owns a company "Edna's Baked Goods" and is being audited by the IRS, and getting a divorce as well. To make matters worse, a killing in the area has the finger pointing to Edna. Jessica must add her expertise to find the truth.

Episode 7.16
From the Horse's Mouth
February 24, 1991
Guests: Melvin Belli, Maxwell Caufield, Nanette Fabray, Kevin McCarthy
Synopsis: Jessica and detective Harry McGraw investigate the murder of a Thoroughbred whose prize horse has sired two unplanned foals.

Episode 7.17
The Prodigal Father
March 10, 1991
Guests: Don Galloway, Robert Lansing, Kathleen Nolan, Andrew Prine, Abe Vigoda, Larry Wilcox
Synopsis: Jessica probes the murder of her neighbor's long-lost father, a suspected bank robber thought to be already dead.

Episode 7.18
Where Have You Gone, Billy Boy
March 17, 1991
Guests: Marty Ingels, Kevin McCoy, Jim Metzler, Lyle Waggoner, Susan Welby
Synopsis: Insurance investigator Dennis Stanton becomes involved in a murder case while delving into the disappearance of a shy ventriloquist's dummy.

Episode 7.19
Thursday's Child
April 7, 1991
Guests: John Anderson, John Beck, Alan Fudge, Vera Miles, Jennifer Warren
Synopsis: A woman seeks Jessica's help in clearing her son, whom she claims was fathered by Jessica's late husband.

Episode 7.20
Murder, Plain and Simple
April 28, 1991
Guests: Hunt Block, Martha Byrne, Michael Sarrazin
Synopsis: While traveling with her publisher's assistant in Amish country, Jessica's involvement in a traffic mishap leads her to murder.

Episode 7.21
Tainted Lady
May 5, 1991
Guests: Mary Crosby, Nina Foch, Jack Kruschen, Dee Wallace Stone, Don Swayze
Synopsis: Jessica comes to the aid of a small-town diner's owner who becomes an outcast when she is blamed for three arsenic poisoning deaths.

Episode 7.22
The Skinny According to Nick Cullhane
May 12, 1991
Guests: Pat Harrington, Alex Hyde-White, Tony LoBianco, Jameson Parker
Synopsis: A writer asks Jessica to critique his latest work, an expose of a real-life kidnapping, which results in a murder.

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