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Episode Guide - Season Eight

The date below each episode name is the date the episode aired on CBS in the USA.

Episode 8.1
Bite the Big Apple
September 15, 1991
Guests: Alan Feinstein, Rosemary Forsyth, Scott McGinnis, Liz Sheridan
Synopsis: When Jessica rents a New York apartment to accommodate her new college teaching position, she discovers the previous tenant has been murdered.

Episode 8.2
Night Fears
September 22, 1991
Guests: Wings Hauser, Roxie Roker, Julie St. Claire
Synopsis: A policeman-turned-professor challenges Jessica to solve a series of campus muggings that soon escalates to murder.

Episode 8.3
Unauthorized Obituary
September 29, 1991
Guests: Barbara Bain, Bradford Dillman, Frank Telfer, Jessica Walter
Synopsis: Jessica aids an old friend who is suspected of killing an author who had planned to write an unauthorized biography of his famous wife.

Episode 8.4
Thicker Than Water
October 6, 1991
Guests: Bruce Abbott, Pat Hingle
Synopsis: Sheriff Metzger asks Jessica to help him keep his perspective when his troublesome younger brother is suspected of murdering his employer.

Episode 8.5
Lines of Excellence
November 3, 1991
Guests: Charles Frank, Alan Fudge, David Groh, Conrad Janis
Synopsis: Jessica accidentally discovers a case of computer tapping which leads to murder when she trades in her manual typewriter for a computer.

Episode 8.6
Judge Not
November 10, 1991
Guests: Olivia Cole, William Atherton, Beah Richards
Synopsis: Jessica attends the New Orleans funeral of a jazz musician and attempts to solve a 20 year-old murder that is haunting his family.

Episode 8.7
Terminal Connection
November 17, 1991
Guests: Chad Everett, Lois Nettleton, Jameson Parker, Steve Forrest
Synopsis: Jessica attempts to prove a battered wife innocent of killing her husband after failing to convince the woman to defend herself.

Episode 8.8
A Killing in Las Vegas
November 24, 1991
Guests: Howard Keel, Lisa Melilli, Connie Sawyer, Shelley Smith, David Soul
Synopsis: While attending a Las Vegas convention, Jessica becomes involved when the boyfriend of her editor's daughter becomes a murder suspect.

Episode 8.9
The Committee
December 1, 1991
Guests: Ed Winter, Norman Lloyd, John McMartin
Synopsis: After Jessica speaks at an exclusive men's club, they ask her to investigate when one of their members is murdered and they are all suspects.

Episode 8.10
The List of Uri Lermentov
December 15, 1991
Guests: Richard Beymer, Theodore Bikel, Len Cariou
Synopsis: While in Washington, Jessica awakens in her hotel to discover her room has been ransacked and a KGB agent is lying dead on the floor.

Episode 8.11
Danse Diabolique
January 5, 1992
Guests: Adrian Paul, Marisa Berenson
Synopsis: Jessica is convinced that a ballerina who died during her premiere performance in a new ballet was actually murdered.

Episode 8.12
The Witch's Curse
January 12, 1992
Guests: David Ackroyd, Mary Crosby, Ed Nelson, Robert Vaughn
Synopsis: When a Cabot Cove newcomer is accused of being a witch and perpetrating several crimes, Jessica is the only citizen who doesn't suspect her.

Episode 8.13
Incident in Lot 7
January 19, 1992
Guests: Jackie Gayle, Henry Gibson, Ron Leibman, Paula Prentiss, Stuart Whitman
Synopsis: Jessica travels to Hollywood to discuss the film version of her latest novel and discovers the producer dead on the set of "Psycho."

Episode 8.14
The Monte Carlo Murders
Febuary 2, 1992
Guests: David Birney, Bo Hopkins, Dina Merrill
Synopsis: While visiting an old friend who runs a Monte Carlo hotel, Jessica investigates the murder of a ruthless businessman with numerous enemies.

Episode 8.15
Tinker, Tailor, Liar, Thief
March 1, 1992
Guests: Lloyd Bochner, Peter Dennis, Sharon Maughan, Diana Webster
Synopsis: While in London, Jessica becomes involved in a murder cover-up by the British Intelligence Agency when she happens upon a disappearing corpse.

Episode 8.16
Ever After
March 8, 1992
Guests: Marj Dusay, Kevin McCarthy, Richard Morse, Kate Mulfrew, Tony Roberts, Mitchell Whitfield
Synopsis: A daytime television actress involves both Jessica and her on-screen lover in the murder of her new millionaire husband.

Episode 8.17
To the Last Will I Grapple With Thee
March 15, 1992
Guests: John Karlen, George Hearn, Richard Lynch, Cliff Gorman
Synopsis: Jessica suspects a setup when her Irish colleague is charged with murdering his longtime nemesis, who is killed shortly after moving to the United States.

Episode 8.18
Programmed For Murder
April 5, 1992
Guests: Judith Chapman, Hunt Block, Alex Hyde-White
Synopsis: Jessica tries to clear Dr. Hazlitt after he is threatened with a possible malpractice suit when the owner of Cabot Cove's computer company dies.

Episode 8.19
Day of the Dead
April 26, 1992
Guests: James Coburn, Geno Silva, Gregory Sierra
Synopsis: While in Mexico City, Jessica researches two crimes when a mask stolen from the National Museum is found on the face of a murder victim.

Episode 8.20
Angel of Death
May 3, 1992
Guests: Ken kercheval, Darren McGavin, Austin Pendleton
Synopsis: Jessica consoles a playwright after his wife's suicide, then realizes that he was the intended victim of a family member's murder.

Episode 8.21
Badge of Honor
May 10, 1992
Guests: Robert Lansing, Cliff De Young, Gerald S. O'Loughlin
Synopsis: Jessica becomes involved when Seth's former Army buddy arrives in Cabot Cove and is accused of murdering his new employer.

Episode 8.22
Murder on Madison Avenue
May 17, 1992
Guests: Barbara Babcock, John Hillerman, Joel Fabiani
Synopsis: Jessica designs a murder-mystery board game for a toy company, but suspends her plans when the organization's vice president is found murdered.

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