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all about...MURDER, SHE WROTE

Episode Guide - Season Nine

The date below each episode name is the date the episode aired on CBS in the USA.

Episode 9.1
Murder in Milan
September 20, 1992
Guests: Susan Blakely, Cesar Romero, Robert Desiderio
Synopsis: While in Italy attending the premiere of a film adapted from one of her books, Jessica searches for the killer when the producer is murdered.

Episode 9.2
Family Secrets
September 27, 1992
Guests: Brian McNamara, Phyllis Thaxter, Richard Venture
Synopsis: One of Jessica's former students is murdered when he returns to Cabot Cove to write a book exposing new information on a 30 year-old town scandal.

Episode 9.3
The Mole
October 4, 1992
Guests: Joseph Bologna, Ken Howard, Herb Edelman
Synopsis: The police refuse to believe Jessica when she is mistaken for a government informant and kidnapped by the town's most respected citizen.

Episode 9.4
The Wind Around the Tower
November 1, 1992
Guests: George Hearn, Mark Lindsay Chapman, Shirley Anne Field
Synopsis: While in Ireland researching a book, Jessica and a retired police officer encounter a mysterious death which is linked to a local legend.

Episode 9.5
Dead File
November 15, 1992
Guests: Harvey Fierstein, Jon Polito, Partick Macnee
Synopsis: Jessica is threatened with lawsuits after she is depicted in a newspaper comic strip accusing some of Manhattan's leading citizens of crimes.

Episode 9.6
Night of the Coyote
November 22, 1992
Guests: Steve Forrest, Mariette Hartley, Graham Greene, Floyd Red Crow Westerman
Synopsis: Jessica helps the sheriff of an old Western town solve a murder that is connected to a legendary stagecoach robber's long-lost treasure.

Episode 9.7
Sugar & Spice, Malice & Vice
November 29, 1992
Guests: Lenore Kasdorf, Kevin Kilner, James Shigeta, Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.
Synopsis: Michael Haggerty's son-to-be son-in-law is involved in a merger with a Hong Kong financial institution operated by drug lords and arms smugglers. When Michael is found standing over the dead body of his soon-to-be son-in-law, he is accused of the murder. Jessica knows better and helps Michael prove he is innocent.

Episode 9.8
The Classic Murder
December 6, 1992
Guests: Michael Knight, Wayne Tippit, John Rubinstein, Louise Latham
Synopsis: Jessica investigates the mysterious disappearance of her editor's millionaire father along with $150 million from his corporate account.

Episode 9.9
A Christmas Secret
December 13, 1992
Guests: Diane Baker, Ken Swofford, Mary Tanner, Larry Wilcox
Synopsis: Jessica uncovers embezzlement and blackmail after a Cabot Cove newcomer is suspected of shooting a woman at the local Christmas celebration.

Episode 9.10
The Sound of Murder
January 3, 1993
Guests: Richard Beymer, Edd Byrnes, Lori Hart
Synopsis: Jessica records one of her novels for the blind. While at the recording studio she gets an invitation to the taping of a rock video. A murder takes place during the taping and Jessica sets off to seek out clues to the mystery.

Episode 9.11
Final Curtain
January 10, 1993
Guests: Bradford Dillman, Peter Donat, Don Perry, Ed Morgan
Synopsis: The community center of Cabot Cove is getting ready to produce an pre-off Broadway play with retired actor, David North at the helm. What follows is interupted rehearsals and a murder in town. The search is then on for clues to the murder.

Episode 9.12
Double Jeopardy
January 17, 1993
Guests: Robert Beltran, Larry Carroll, Raymond Cruz, Sonia Jackson, Keri Johnson
Synopsis: Jessica agrees to teach a mystery writing class at a Catholic church in an ethically mixed neighborhood. In the confessional, poison spray is used to murder its occupant. Jessica realizes she had discussed poisons in her class and had mentioned a book called "The Toxic Handbook." Who checked out the book? Off Jessica goes in search of the facts.

Episode 9.13
Dead Eye
February 7, 1993
Guests: Ben Masters, Linda Purl, Kevin Quigley, Jason Stuart, Webster Williams
Synopsis: Murder, missing persons, and the Kennedy assasination are all part of the mysteries Jessica must face to solve her current case.

Episode 9.14
Killer Radio
February 14, 1993
Guests: Harry Guardino, James Harlow, Lyman Ward
Synopsis: While on a book tour, Jessica agrees to guest on a local radio talk show that has fueding co-owners. Jessica gets the last word in when she is interviewed by a "Howard Stern" type interviewer. When a murder takes place Jessica helps sort out the tangled webs of confusion to bring the killer to justice.

Episode 9.15
The Petrified Florist
February 21, 1993
Guests: Sally Kellerman, Penny Fuller, Gregory Sierra
Synopsis: While observing the guests at a dinner party held by a Beverly Hills gossip magazine editor, Jessica envisions the plot for her next murder mystery.

Episode 9.16
Threshold of Fear
February 28, 1993
Guests: Cynthia Nixon, Margot Kidder, David Soul, Herbert Edelman
Synopsis: Jessica helps a neighbor in her New York building who has a phobia about leaving her apartment since she saw her mother murdered five years ago.

Episode 9.17
The Big Kill
March 7, 1993
Guests: Chad Everett, Hope Lange, Lyle Waggoner
Synopsis: Two murders result when the CEO of Cabot Cove defense corporation tries to save his company by illegally selling leftover components.

Episode 9.18
Dead to Rights
March 21, 1993
Guests: Molly Hagan, Sam Anderson, Richard Libertini, Evelyn Keyes
Synopsis: Jessica agrees to help clear a former research assistant of killing her new employer, despite the fact that the woman is a pathological liar.

Episode 9.19
Lone Witness
April 4, 1993
Guests: Neil Patrick Harris, Laurence Luckinbill, Sheila MacRae
Synopsis: Jessica helps solve the murder of a Cabot Cove neighbor when the only witness, a local delivery boy she has befriended, becomes the prime suspect.

Episode 9.20
Ship of Thieves
May 2, 1993
Guests: Keith Mitchell, Lee Meriwether, Jane Withers
Synopsis: While on a cruise, Jessica helps an old friend, now a ship's security chief, investigate when a woman is found dead in the cargo area.

Episode 9.21
The Survivor
May 9, 1993
Guests: Kasi Lemmons, Stan Shaw, Wolfgang Bodison
Synopsis: Jessica becomes involved in an internal police investigation when a colleague is left for dead in an accident in which a rookie policeman is killed.

Episode 9.22
Love's Deadly Desire
May 16, 1993
Guests: Carroll Baker, Yvonne Suhor, William Katt
Synopsis: Jessica investigates the murder of a visiting romance novelist's assistant, who was having an affair with the writer's publisher husband.

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